Building a
greener tomorrow, regeneratively

We drive sustainable innovation, supporting impactful startups prioritizing regenerative & circular Green Solutions. Our mission fosters an ecosystem for transformative ideas, collaborating with visionary entrepreneurs to transcend industry boundaries. Committed to responsible investing, we empower a cleaner, greener future. Join us on this journey towards positive change.



We are dedicated to driving impactful change through sustainable innovation

Impact-Driven Criteria

Driving impactful change with regenerative & circular green solutions. We evaluate ventures for their potential to address critical
environmental challenges, ensuring every investment aligns with our mission for a sustainable future.

Thorough Due Diligence

We conduct due diligence to assess the viability and scalability of each venture. We analyze the technology, business model, market opportunity, and regulatory landscape to ensure that our investments have the potential for growth and success.

Alignment with Values

We prioritize investments in companies that share our values of sustainability, responsible resource management, and ethical business practices. We seek visionary entrepreneurs driven by a commitment to fostering a greener world.

Green Impact Fund

Empowering change with
regenerative & circular green solutions

We are dedicated to shaping a sustainable future through innovative regenerative & circular Green Solutions. Our investment focus spans diverse areas, including regenerative & circular agriculture, renewable energy, circular economy initiatives, green transportation, and
innovative waste management. By strategically backing these transformative endeavors, we aim to accelerate the transition towards a greener, more resilient world, leaving a lasting impact for generations to come.

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Explore our journey towards a greener future

Unleash innovation and community with our visionary family of companies: Hardboot, OPN, and the Supporters Fund. From cutting-edge IT resources to fostering a global entrepreneurial community and driving impact investing, we shape a thriving ecosystem where startups flourish and sustainable growth takes center stage. Explore our services, tap into expertise, and join us in shaping a limitless future of technology, collaboration, and purpose.



“Our team at Scout is grateful for the support and conviction we have received from the team at Supporters Fund from our earliest stage. As an emerging brand, the Supporters Fund helped us introduce what we were building to an amazing group of early stage investors in addition to receiving direct investment from the fund. Years later we continue to receive meaningful support from the team, from alternative financing introductions, new hires, brand partnership opportunities and more. I highly recommend getting to know the team at Supporters Fund, an authentic and trusting partner to help scale your business.”
Adam Bent
Co-Founder & CEO
, Scout
“Supporters Fund is exactly what their name implies – they are great supporters. They host monthly events to showcase up-and-coming startups, and continue to promote the successes of their current portfolio. They’re great at introducing their portfolio to fellow start-ups to share synergies, or new potential investors. They’ve been long-time and patient investors in RYSE, a hardware start-up that, as you know, takes time to develop and manufacture new products for the market.”
Trung Pham
Founder & CEO
, Ryse
“I have been an investor and committee member for Supporters Fund over the last 3 years. I found J.P to have an innate ability to unearth key prospects from the impressive network of start-up founders he has built. He challenges, he probes; and he educates, which are great attributes for a VC investor. His energy and enthusiasm is truly inspiring. He has surrounded himself with a great team including Laura on the operations front, and an experienced group of advisors who are proven business leaders.”
Umesh Vallipuram
Corporate Finance Professional

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Explore the world of impact investing with host Jeffrey Potvin. Discover innovative solutions and engaging conversations with experts on how investments can drive positive social and environmental change. Gain insights into the podcast that is shaping a better future for all.