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The Supporters Fund is designed and managed to help, support and grow with each startup. With our community of Angel & Accredited investors we are making a big push to invest in early stage businesses to help build a stronger path to growth and success for startups in Canada!

Companies struggle to access early stage growth capital; this is the most vital stage in their path to building viable and successful enterprise. We are determined to provide a winning solution to overcome these struggles!

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Why Invest

  • Management team; Hands-on, Passionate, Serial entrepreneurs with impeccable execution and years of Experience in business growth, Angel Investing in early stage companies, multiple exits, and 9 portfolio companies in just a year since the funds inception Nov 2017.

  • Overall Portfolio Diversification; Allocating into angel investments can increase returns while lowering volatility.

  • Returns and Upside Potential; Provides the opportunity to invest in innovation and to feel real ownership in the companies that you invest in. Every year, angel investments create thousands of revolutionary and life-changing technologies.

  • Investors are Startup Navigators; Angel investors have the chance to become involved with the companies themselves. Investors often take on strategic advisory roles, provide advice, or offer industry connections, among other things.

  • Products; 2 products (AI corporate management of business) Fintek (accelerator financing secured)

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Our mission is building shareholder value by maximizing returns by investing in diverse sectors and founders with a team that have a combination of perseverance, attitude, critical thinking, insight, grit, and a vision with the passion to drive and scale.

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If you are an accredited investor, and interested investing in early stage startups in Canada, we would love to hear from you.

OPN hand selects companies, working with them through the OPN PitchIt series and ecosystem mentoring. We preserve capital and provide maximum long-term returns while Supporting high-growth potential companies and their founders. Targeted sectors, but not limited too; AI/Machine learning, Retail, Digital Media, Big Data, Fin Tech, Green Energy, SAS.

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