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Ask An Investor - Supporters Fund powered by OPN
Ep. 118 - Av Utukuri, Chairman & CEO, Creator of Next Gen Hardware / Software Technologies

Talk Takeaways

In this edition of Ask An Investor, Jeffery has the pleasure to be in the audience of a passionate engineer turned CEO & Creator of Next Gen Hardware and Software Technologies and now one of the most sought after Angel Investors. Jeffery is excited to unpack all the valuable insights Av Utukuri has learned throughout his career. Truly, this is another episode guaranteed to inspire every founder starting out in the industry, the way Av continues to inspire as an Angel Investor.

Topics discussed:

  • Engineering Background in University of Toronto
  • Early Days with Virtual Reality
  • Creating Nytric
  • Av in the Great Recession
  • Av as a Serial Entrepreneur with a deep Engineering Background
  • 3 Different Languages of Investors, CEOs and Engineers
  • Shaping a Person’s Mind to Collaborate More
  • 3 Different Variables in a Business
  • The Story of Av and his Blackberry
  • The Importance of Communication
  • Winning Strategies as an Engineer and Investor
  • Av’s Take on Making a Compromise


I love technology and not only imagining what is possible, but being a part of making it a reality. I am a serial entrepreneur involved in 5 tech start-ups to date. I am a product market fit CEO that loves to dissect complex problems and figure out how technology can be implemented elegantly to solve them.

I am a passionate engineer that loves to dive deep and understand not only how technology works but how it can be used to change the status quo. As a graduate of the engineering science program from UofT I am a very hands on executive that has written almost a million lines of code and filed almost 100 patents.

I am also an avid painter that loves design and painting modern, impressionistic art.

As a senior executive and founder in these start-ups, I was instrumental in raising capital, providing board oversight, technical management expertise, product direction and strategic vision. I love to understand how customers interact with products, fine tune and deliver long term value.

Over 20 years in electronics, software and design experience. Vast experience in product development including: analog\digital hardware, embedded systems, algorithm development and optimization, mathematical modelling, software and GUI development, product and sales strategy.