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Ask An Investor - Supporters Fund powered by OPN
Ep. 110 - Cam Crowder, Investor, Coach

For this episode, Jeffery will be taking on the hockey coach from Canada who is set to make amazing things happen in the VC World. Cam Crowder will walk us through how he translated lessons from hockey into his success as an Business Coach and Angel Investor.

More than his expertise in the sport and team handling, Cam shared how the principles and strategies in handling teams can also be applied in business. Aside from that, he talks about how he discovered Angel Investing after leaving Tim Horton’s, and how his competitive nature led him to his success in the Venture Capital world, and eventually in Silicon Valley at Venture University.

Topics Discussed:

  • Cam’s employment history
  • Cam as a Hockey Player
  • Cam as a Hockey Coach
  • Life Lessons from Hockey
  • How Cam manages employees: Hiring, KPIs, Statistics
  • Lessons learned from the Franchise Industry at Tim Horton’s: Licensing
  • Working in Venture University
  • Cam as an Angel Investor
  • Success story of a company that Cam had worked with


Cam Crowder is a member of the Equation Angels selection committee, a partner in a family business that operates six Tim Hortons in Essex, and part-owner of the Leamington Flyers. Recently, he joined the Frontier Tech Team – U.S. & Europe at Vu Venture Partners.