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Ask An Investor - Supporters Fund powered by OPN
Ep. 108 - Sascha Badelt, Entrepreneur & Business Angel

For this week’s episode of Ask An Angel, Sascha Badelt, serial entrepreneur and angel, joins Jeffery Potvin to talk about his academic background in Hamburg, all the way up to all the great things he has accomplished.

He shared the pivotal moment in his career. He went from someone who talks about interesting people doing exciting things as a journalist to becoming an interesting person doing exciting things as an entrepreneur. Furthermore, he shared his experience as a Business Consultant in various firms in Germany, Spain, and the UK, including his failure to start a company and his fruitful years as a startup founder in Germany.

Topics discussed:

  • Sascha’s educational and employment background
  • Sascha’s experience in the German and Spanish startup space
  • Overcoming startup challenges with a Business Partner
  • Complementing the founder
  • Sascha as a Business Angel
  • Sascha’s approach when mentoring Early Stage Investors
  • Angel Investing as a means of giving back
  • Success story of a founder that Sascha had worked with