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Peter-Paul Van Hoeken – The power of belief

“Through investment crowdfunding, you can invest in companies that you believe in, that you want to see more of, that you want to see succeed.”


Peter-Paul has over 20 years of experience in finance, investment management, and business consultancy. He’s held multiple senior management positions with global banks including ABN AMRO Bank and Royal Bank of Scotland in the areas of corporate strategy, commercial and investment banking. As an advocate of inclusive and accessible private capital markets, Peter-Paul has been a speaker at numerous conferences on the topics of investment crowdfunding, fintech and capital markets, including a TEDxTalk on Investment Crowdfunding. Peter-Paul is a member of the advisory committees of the Private Capital Markets Association in Canada (PCMA) and National Crowdfunding Association Canada (NCFA), and he is a former

member of the Ontario Securities Commission – Fintech Advisory Committee. He is also a Peter- Paul holds a Master of Science degree in business economics and finance from Erasmus University Rotterdam, in the Netherlands.



Peter-Paul Van Hoeken

The full #OPNAskAnAngel talk

Jeffery: Welcome to Impact Investing, brought to you by the Supporters Fund from one of the largest producers of beer 2000 brands, waffles and chocolate. With the airport selling the most chocolate in the world Brussels, Belgium I’m your host, Jeffrey JP Potvin. And let’s please welcome from the city with 10 million trees Toronto, Canada. Peter Paul then looking at front funder. Welcome, Peter. Paul. It’s a real pleasure having you join us today.

Peter: Thanks, Jeffrey. It’s it’s great to be here today with you.

Jeffery: It’s I’m excited to have this conversation with you because of all the things that we get to do in the investment world. It’s very rare that you get the opportunity to kind of blaze a whole new path and create something completely different. That just threw everybody over the bridge of saying, I don’t understand how this is going to possibly work. And everybody with all their doubts, and you came through and been able to produce such a great quality product. So I’m excited to dive into that, and we’re going to do that in a second. But the way we like to kick off our show and the way we like to start is we want to have you share a little bit about your background and one thing about you that nobody would know.

Peter: Okay, so let’s start with a bit of my background. so actually I’m an ex banker. I work in, in the banking world for, for quite a while back in the Netherlands, for quite a while is about nine years and, did all sorts of exciting, things and, and, I’ve always been intrigued with finance and investment. So that was a great experience. But it’s at some point I thought, you know, I kind of seen and done it. And I want to, move on and, and I guess more down entrepreneurial at best. So, so so that coincided with actually moving to, to to Canada. So immigrated to Canada in 2010 with my, with my family, my wife, my two daughters, Leonard in Vancouver and and basically, started to, started all over again. It started from scratch, really. and, we’ll get to that before later. What that was really the, the period where the whole idea about France on there and hey, how can we advance is sort of already originated because I was working with companies to help them raise capital and experience. How challenging that, that is. So I’m intrigued with finding the investment particulier with the opportunity to, of course, innovate it, because we all know how an established, let’s say industry that is that is definitely ready. And I think needed for innovation. So, so yeah, that was my sort of calling to be to be part of that, something nobody knows, or at least just a few people and perhaps not many people would expect is that, you know, I do like to, be outside. I love to, to to, to exercise and and run and all that, but what I really enjoy it. And unfortunately, I don’t have enough, enough time for it, hence that I am still I would say, and just off beginner. But I do love being on the water. And I actually like kitesurfing, which is spectacular. but it’s it’s also something that, that I still need to learn. But I love to be loved, to be on the water.

Jeffery: That’s awesome. being an outdoorsman, water and being able to to get outside, I think, is by far the best in the world. I think that, anything I’ve learned about travel and going through different countries is that it is so crucial inside of major cities, when they have large bodies of water flowing through them, it changes the personality of the city. It changes the personality of the people, just that water flow. It is incredible and it makes such a difference there. Doing a lot of research on this now and trying to prove how much this actually changes the mood of people, shifts the energy and makes everybody stronger and better. So it’s a pretty incredible space. So I’m a big fan of that. And I think that’s phenomenal that, you get that opportunity and you work with that.

Peter: Yeah. And I don’t know Jeffrey because he, he talks about Belgium chocolate and I believe all you’re saying there, but, can I return that question? Is there something nobody knows about you?

Jeffery: Oh, well, geez. about myself. Well, there you know, I appreciate that. And, you know, you’re putting me on the spot, so I’m not sure what the, if I have, the Chris unique thing, but I can say that, maybe because you’re, being that I’m in Brussels and I’m in Belgium, I can say that, in my time, I’ve spent a lot of time traveling, and I’m a really enjoy getting into a lot of, adventures. And I can say that, I’m working towards, being close to 100 countries that I have traveled to. And I’m a big fan. I, I’m a huge fan of, the opportunity that has been in front of me and the fact that I get to meet investors around the world and startups. But, you know, just being able to be part of these cities, you learn a lot about, travel and the ways to maneuver and work your way through cities, countrysides, mountains, you know, all of those things. And it’s pretty phenomenal. And, and, you know, if if I sat down, I could probably give everybody a breakdown of how sleeping on a couch to an Airbnb, to a hotel, to all of these things all operate and they all work together in that, world of allowing people to be mobile. Mobile. And it’s pretty fascinating. So yeah, I guess I could build a few opinions off of it. But, you know, maybe that’s my interesting fact.

Peter: After 100 country visits, I would think so. That’s a lot. I mean, that’s more than half the countries in the world, isn’t it?

Jeffery: It’s pretty close. Yeah. It’s, it’s pretty close. Yeah. It depends on if you’re using the U.S, break down, it’s 197. If I think it is between 195 and 204, I think is the total number. And it depends on who is deciding which one is a country versus who’s deciding if it’s not. So, I think that’s what gives me the gap of an extra five countries if I’m over or under 100 based on that.