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Matt fates | Early Stage Investor

"I think a lot of individual angels when they're honest with you, will muse about if this is the best way to make money, but they do it because they love it and they love working with companies they love."

- Matt Fates

Matt Fates on venture capital and angel investing.

Talk Takeaways

Matt Fates, an early-stage investor, joins (JP) Jeffery Potvin to talk about venture capital and angel investing. He shares the importance of a deal flow, balancing out the portfolio, market competition, and investor psychology.

Matt also shares how he helps early-stage companies and his investment process.


Matt Fates has been an investor in early-stage technology companies since 1998, first with Norwest Venture Partners, then Ascent Venture Partners (where he is still an active GP), and now with Innospark Ventures (focused on AI-driven businesses), as well as on his own as an angel investor.

He has always loved seeing new technology and software address meaningful problems, but his main passion is working closely with entrepreneurs to help them build their businesses.

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