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Massimiliano Sulpizi – Learning from overwhelming workload

“The level of due diligence I do reflects the amount of money I’m putting in”


Massimiliano Sulpizi is an avid venture capitalist, merchant banker, entrepreneur and executive. He has founded 5 companies, advised clients in finance, energy, infrastructure, fashion, real estate, high-tech, others, with fundraising for over €100M. He is currently serving as an advisor and board member to numerous EU healthcare and technology startups and growth-stage companies. He obtained his MBA from Polytechnic of Milan meanwhile starting his first venture, strongly improving his skills and knowledge. Massimiliano is fluent in Italian and English.



Massimiliano Sulpizi

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Jeffery: Welcome to Impact Investing, brought to you by the Supporters Fund. From the birthplace of Mother Teresa in Tirana, Albania. I’m your host, Jeffrey JP Potvin. And let’s please welcome from the oldest underground railroad network, London, UK. Max. So please, at Equity Match Investments and advisory. Welcome, Max. A real pleasure having you join us today.

Massimiliano: My pleasure. Thank you so much for having me.

Jeffery: Very excited. Max. We’ve done a lot of shows and events over the years together. I’ve got to learn a lot about you, the network you’ve been building, and it’s pretty awesome because you get such a collective group of early stage founders building some great companies. It’s been a real pleasure being part of that network that you’ve built. And today we get the opportunity to deep dive more into your background and all the great things that you’re doing. So in order to jump start our show, the way we like to do it is we’d love to hear all the way back from your MBA in Milan to where you are today, and maybe while you’re giving us that journey or sharing that with us, you can share one thing about you that nobody would know.

Massimiliano: I mean, it’s been a long journey until I just turned 51. So it’s been a while doing stuff, and I just started, as you said, I, I mean, I completed my MBA pretty late during my journey because I decided to start working before a me while working doing my MBA. This is why. Because I don’t believe that much in MBA. Have to be honest, and many times it’s a lot. It just, you know, is just hairy, but you practically don’t know anything. So when I started, my first company was more than 20 years ago. I said, you know what? Now that I’m actually working, I can do my MBA so I can see I can apply straight. what I’m learning actually, in doing something real, in not just studying. And so I spend most of my time in corporate finance, M&A, and, merchant banking. This is where I spend almost 20 years, not 20 years, but until 2014, full time. So I have my match on bank in Italy to, brokerage one insurance. One is finance as well in Italy, Milan and a day from 30 to 40 had to say it’s been an extremely great journey, but I was pretty on it, holding three companies in one go because I opened the first one and after 12 months the second, and after 12 months it turned because I saw the opportunity. But then I didn’t see it was my myself to not be very much experienced, to run three companies, a solo fund that in one go. So I I’ve been through the impossible. I, I’ve been living days without even sleeping one more minute because it was just too much for me. Very much a whirlwind. But yeah, the journey has been very exciting, very tough. But I learned so much. This is why today, I left completely the M&A. I’m not doing divisor anymore. As you know, I launched Equity Match two years ago. You came as my investor guest more than once. And I’m very appreciate your time spending with us. So I’m fully dedicating myself today to, fund this teaching them I mean, teach is not right. Is giving them experience, giving them all the pretty big network I had before equity match. And now, of course, I’ll be ten times bigger, if not even more, and try to dive in. What means, not only venture capital serve you will and invest. You know perfectly the world. And not all startups can afford the venture capitalist. So tell them that. Be a fund. It doesn’t mean you need to go hundred percent of venture capital. Of course, if you can, if you have the tools, go because much faster how to grow. But if you can’t, just try to bootstrap yourself and do as best as you can with your ability and your cash return. a lot depends who you are. this is what I do daily. Now, I had to be honest. I mean, I was so bored by and by multiple videos every day. free cash flow and so on and so, say, let me do something more exciting. Let me start working with fund. That’s, since two years now, 100% on equity match, hundred percent on founders. And I also, as I will share with you last time, I will next year to open my VC is going to be named MVC. We only invest in preceding seed. pretty much first check it’s probably do as well, as I do believe the number of venture capital is compared to the number accelerate where they are compared to the number of startups on the planet. extremely small. So. And probably the the other, maybe it would be one for a 1000 fund that each. investors probably, if not even more so. the gap is massive. So, and I’m trying to do something myself as well to fill this gap. as much as I can, regarding the regarding myself, the question was something that nobody knows about me and I would have to share. I mean. I’ve been talking a lot. So people, they know enough about me already, and maybe they even have enough.

Jeffery: But.

Massimiliano: I’m very I’m very persistent. This is what I had to say. I really, I, I had the pleasure to live with my grandmom. for a while, she was like a robot. Pure robot with three jobs per day. I was shocked, okay, you did this. She was paid two times. The others because she was delivering so much. And she always told me. Never give up marks, never up to the end. Which means you will only live up when you die. Until then, try it. This is what I do every day. So, I did have a very easy life. I had to be honest, I. I started totally from scratch, completely from 0000. And but I haven’t been always successful. So there are days where they are terrible. even today, the days where nothing works and you just get upset all the time. But what I really like to do, and what I understood on my side is if this day so black just lived it, that girl may just go for a walk. I mean this nothing can happen. And come back tomorrow with a fresh mind. This is what I do every day now, when not every day I. What was a bit will be a bad day. Every day whe