About JP Jeffery Potvin

Open People Network (OPN) is a group of investors helping accelerate the growth of early-stage startups through The Supporters Fund and Pitchit Series. Jeffery is a lifelong entrepreneur with a proven track record of building companies and reinventing existing businesses. Jeffery is a mentor, coach and loves to climb mountains!.


  • Multiple degrees: Post grad, Seneca College, York University
  • Software engineer/Ecommerce Manager: Loblaws
  • CEO/CTO: Hardboot Inc, development resourcing and Platform dev shop
  • 7 Angel groups & Screening: York, Spark & GTAN, Equation, Keiretsu
  • Real-Estate: Single & duplex’s conversions
  • 70+ companies Invested

Most Requested


The Art of Pitching

Jp walks through how to pitch to early stage investors and what you need to include to successfully raise in these rapidly changing times.


JP takes a fresh look at raising money for Startups and how to have a successful raise.

Early Stage Investing

JP discusses how to get into angel investing for early stage companies. Whether your already an Angel Investor or interested in becoming an Angel.


JP shows organizations, how to grow and thrive in this fast paced, disruptive technological changing global world.