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Angel Investor | Padma Shri Nominee | Mentor at AIM, Delhi Govt

Evolving in a market – Aditya Arora

“If you’re not serving your customers in the most optimal manner, no digital strategy will help you to reach a million followers”


Aditya has been recognized as a Successful Young Entrepreneur and Achiever on various National and International platforms. He has been invited to speak and deliver guest lectures at 250+ institutions globally and has won many prestigious awards for his work. Some of them include “Parliamentary Award”, “Duke of Edinburgh International Award”, “Microsoft Top 15 Changemakers of India”,”REX Karamveer Chakra by United Nations”, “National Entrepreneurship Day – Young Entrepreneur of the Year – 2017”, “Indian Achiever Award 2020” and “Youngest Nominee for Padma Shri 2020.”

Some of his succesful campaigns include “Education Yatra”, “Entrepreneurship Mindset Curriculum (Govt of Delhi)”, “Atal Innovation Mission – NITI AAYOG” among others.

Currently, he is the CEO at Faad Network Pvt LTD.



Aditya Arora

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well, like anything we’re already rolling and jumping into things. So Aditya very, it’s a pleasure. Thank you very much for joining us today. And welcome from Delhi. It’s very exciting to have you and we’re excited to jump into a conversation with you around everything that you’re doing. So welcome.

Thank you so much, Jeffrey, thank you for having me

100%. So the best way for us to kind of jump in and get familiarized with yourself and where we’re going with the conversation today is maybe you can give us a little bit of a background on yourself, kind of where you come from, what you’ve been up to and kind of where you’re going and then share one thing about you that nobody would know.

Yeah, sure. So my name is editor and I hear from the capital city of India, which is New Delhi. I’m an entrepreneur Tony angel investor where, and I helped turn around struggling companies. Um, my journey started when I was 17. Um, I had a startup in which we were digitalizing and transforming the content space on Youtube and post.

I’d have done multiple hats, I’ve been into multiple businesses and in my current role in capacity, I helped invest in startups and I also manage an investor network for startups. Well then we of course invest in early-stage transactions and also help them to grow to the next level. So that’s what a world watch, what’s been keeping my day. That’s what I’ve been burning the midnight oil for.

And yeah, I just want to be in the, in the last year we’ve invested in about 25 companies. I want to grow this number by up to 200 or 300 in the coming years. And then yes, had the maximum startups I can, uh, not just from India, but all around the world.

No, that’s very exciting. Well, maybe you can give us a little bit more of the background on the entrepreneurial side. You mentioned the Youtube piece, can you give us a bit more understanding of what that was made up of, and then we can carry that through?

Sure. So this was an idea somewhere around 2015 2016, where of course, uh, it was the new dawn of social media, right? People started utilizing that digital is the key, right? Uh, to help you grow in terms of an online presence. And we did not have Instagram back then. We did not have Snapchat back then. We had Youtube, which was a growing community where people were putting a lot of content, right? So it was like a California gold rush where people were just jumping on the bandwagon and putting a lot of content out there. So we figured out that white space and you wanted to monetize that. So not only voice solving a problem in which we had people to create quality content on Youtube, but also a platform in which we can help these creators find analytics for the videos, right?

Because most of the times you upload thousands of videos, but you never actually know that are you improved with your videos? But how are you videos doing on an individual basis? So that’s where we of course provided them the much needed insights and analytics so that they can help grow their content piece and can also importantly use that for re-marketing. Right? So they want to re-market on do affiliate marketing around it. The analytics and metrics becomes much, much more important.

That was something that of course he started and then post that I switched onto a multiple businesses. One of the business was in the housing accommodations right? Where in what I used to do was we were providing quality housing and accommodations to students around university. Right? So in India there are some universities in which students come from all around the country to study. These are some of the most prestigious university universities, not just in India but around the world and some of the toughest to get into. So of course students come from all parts of the country and around the world to study in them. But the problem is that they don’t get access to the right kind of housing or the right kind of accommodation because hostels all uh condominiums can’t house everyone right?

You have to go out and look for your own housing and accommodation as well. So that was one thing where we were trying to provide them and also quality food at cheap prices. Was was was also a photo areas apart from housing. And that’s why we created a very beautiful concept around student housing and accommodation. So you’re both of my business is Jeffrey. I ended up selling, uh, to other investors because, um, uh, of course I wanted to help more and more startups to come up.

And that’s the area, that’s where of course I became from an entrepreneur to prove an investor

awesome. And can you give us one thing about you that nobody would know?

Uh, so yeah, I guess investors have a lot of things which, which, which a lot of people don’t know about, right? So one thing about me is that I’m though I’m in the serious business of money, but I’m very relaxed and a very humorous person, my heart. I love comedy. In fact I’ve been a comedian myself. I’ve done some comedy myself, so I love comedy and I love things which had been on the, on the lighter side.

Very cool. I like that, having a little bit of a side passion and making humor one of them that’s pretty exciting. So you mentioned in your first company that you built that it was around helping and figuring out what to do in the Youtube space and move this out. So how important was it to learn how analytics and data helped to grow a business? How important is that to all the things that you’ve kind of structured over the last 10 years? How much has that been built off of data and analytics?

Yeah, uh, I guess, uh, definitely the pace at which we are moving in. Data is going to be the new oil, right? Because every industry is now getting data-oriented, Every sector which was an organized is trying to get organized in these coming times. And of course data is that medium through which you unorganized, which we organize the unorganized sector. Right? So data is going to be the key. And again, someone who holds that data in his or her hand has paramount and amount capacity to change around things and to make useful insight out of it.

So, uh, that’s where of course uh V as an economy are headed towards whe