In a unique partnership, Treefrog Accelerator and Open People Network (OPN) will bring together startups from all over the world. Treefrog has been a huge supporter of OPN since its early days! The official partnership is very exciting for both organizations since OPN has been part of the accelerator system since its inception. The partnerships will bring together many years of collaborative work between Treefrog Accelerator and OPN.

Jeffery Potvin, CEO and Founder, said, “We have been friends for many years and we are very excited to be building out a collaborative partnership with everyone in the Treefrog family!  The new partnership brings a full year of collaboration and Support!”

Sean Stephens, CEO and Founder, said,  “We have some lofty aspirations for the Treefrog Accelerator, including to exponentially drive and grow startups in our region, to connect and strengthen the regional business community through entrepreneur connections, and to call international attention to the thriving local tech ecosystem. In short: we are taking the bright light of York Region startups out from under a bushel so they can shine for the world.

We are excited to formalize our partnership with Open People Network and provide even further value to our program participants. Through this partnership, we’ll work to strengthen our startup ecosystem and unlock new opportunities for founders.”

About Treefrog Accelerator:

The Treefrog Accelerator program supports local (Ontario) and international entrepreneurs and startup founders to help refine and scale their ideas. The five-week program consists of lectures and workshops from over 20 professional speakers, pitch practice and feedback, curated one-on-one mentorship, and events to facilitate collaboration, partnerships, and investment.

The Treefrog Accelerator is part of Accelerate Newmarket, a partnership between Treefrog Inc., the Newmarket Chamber of Commerce, and York University Schulich School of Business. Participants not only get access to the Treefrog Accelerator but can also take advantage of other benefits such as complimentary Newmarket Chamber of Commerce and YSpace memberships, a Schulich Mini-MBA certification, mental health supports from #REALTALK, and access to professional media equipment.

The Treefrog Accelerator is designed to give startups the tools and knowledge they need to grow in a post-pandemic landscape.

For more information about the Treefrog Accelerator, please contact:
James Daigle

About OPN

OPN brings Entrepreneurs, Investors, Sponsors, Business Leaders, and Strategic Partners together to create a community of sharing, inclusion, and collaboration to facilitate and support growth and financial success for all stakeholders. Our Fund, The Supporters Fund, is designed and managed to help, support, and grow with each startup. With our community of Angel & Accredited investors, we are making a big push to invest in early-stage businesses to help build a stronger path to growth and success for global startups.