Began: 2020 (Launched with Pilots)
Invested: 2020, re-invested 2022

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At Tasteport, our mission is to help people discover, access and share culture through the world of food that surrounds them, and do it from within their busy lives in their very own homes.

We make this happen with the Tasteport platform ecosystem, which help diverse Grocers from all backgrounds, cultures and niches produce and scale incredible online grocery delivery experiences. Together with a network of diverse stores, this combines to let you order from 10,000+ unique Fresh, Frozen, Packaged & Ready-to-Eat authentic Ingredients & Essentials from these international, specialty and local stores near you for same-day pickup & delivery that you won’t find almost anywhere else.

With millions of new immigrants from Asia, Africa, MENA and the EU moving to North America in the recent decade, its exploded the independent and specialty grocery market to over $280B, one of the fastest growing sectors while still remaining highly recession-proof. Everyone wants the flavours from their homeland, which is why we’re on this mission – to help all not just eat, but stay connected to one of the very most important pieces of their identities. With globalizing tastes thanks to viral sharing, the flip side has made everyone else now want to try each others delicacies too. So whether it it’s Italian, Indian or Organic groceries, now you can finally have the place to get these quality ingredients as easily as you would for any online shopping experience: Tasteport.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t just seize the day – savour it. Support local, experience global! Get the diverse food you love and explore world culture through cuisine getting the variety want at affordable grocery prices, anywhere, anytime. Taste something new today at tasteport.com.

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