Founded: 2017
Initial Investment: 2021

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Used by thousands of landlords across US & Canada, SingleKey is a digital platform that helps landlords make more informed decisions when selecting a tenant and managing their risk. SingleKey protects landlords by offering (i) a Tenant Credit & Background Check Report to screen prospective tenants, and (ii) a Rent Guarantee program that guarantees rental income to landlords for up to 12 months when tenants don’t pay, covers property damages up to $10,000, and all legal fees related to an eviction. SingleKey offers landlords peace of mind and financial stability while saving thousands in tenant delinquency costs.

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Viler Lika, Founder & CEO SingleKey

“The Supporter’s Fund was critical in helping us develop the MVP solution at the very beginning in 2019. That MVP allowed us to test the market and get the initial market validation that we need to build out a team and a company. Fast forward 2 years later, we’ve grown to 10 people, 3 products in market and over $1MM in Revenue and growing. In early 2022 we raised our seed round and Supporters Fund was there to continue supporting us with additional funding to fuel our growth. Jeffery Potvin has also been very helpful from an advisory perspective, to help us navigate many key decisions pivotal to the business.”

Viler Lika, Founder & CEO SingleKey

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