Founded: 2017
Initial Investment: 2019

Ripple Farms is dedicated to tackling food insecurity issues through Education, Innovation, and Local Food. Cultivating fresh vegetables and fish in a controlled environments, producing sustainable food 365 days a year, and using 95% less resources/inputs than traditional based cash crop farming practices.

Ripple Farms
“OPN Supporters Fund came through for Ripple Farms at a pivotal time. We had been through the pitch events and had formed a close relationship with the fund and Jeffery Potvin in the preceding months. The fund was hugely supportive in more ways than one – assisting with mentorship, networking, strategic planning – but came the day when we needed a quick injection of $150,000 bridge loan, OPN came though within a matter of days to help us fund our project and secure additional funding because of the injection.”
Steven Bourne, Founder and CEO


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