Founded: 2014
Initial Investment: 2018

We are North America’s first social water brand, dedicated to the pursuit of positive experience and providing the highest quality water in the world, with a reduced environmental footprint. Founded by serial entrepreneur, Nicholas Reichenbach, Flow offers consumers the healthful benefits of drinking naturally alkaline spring water from a local and sustainable source.

“We imagined a bottled water brand that was naturally healthful. Not filtered or altered tap water owned by a major corporation. We looked for an alternative to the plastic bottle, a package with the lowest possible carbon footprint. We stopped looking and we started creating.” -Founder & CEO Nicholas Reichenbach

Our water has been nurtured for thousands of years in a limestone aquifer located on a family-owned property in Mildmay, Ontario, Canada. Flow’s water naturally collects essential minerals, electrolytes, and an alkaline pH.

We have partnered with Tetra-Pak to create the industry’s lowest-carbon footprint packaging that is also PET and BPA free. Our goal, together with Tetra-Pak, is to make a pack that is completely renewable. More than two thirds of Flow’s package is made of paperboard that comes from trees harvested in responsibly managed forests and/or controlled sources. None of the resources used in our cartons come from old growth trees or rainforests. It uses just enough material to keep the package stable. Our packets are 3-5% package and 95-7% content – thinner than an eggshell.

Flow Direct, our subscription service delivers water to your home or office for free VIA our eco-friendly electric SUV. Say hello to H2O 2.0!

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