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Ask An Investor - Supporters Fund powered by OPN
Ep. 115 - Nick Cavuoto Serial Entrepreneur – Keynote Speaker – Inspirational Leader

Talk Takeaways

For the 115th episode, (JP) Jeffrey Potvin takes on Nick Cavuoto – a serial entrepreneur, keynote speaker, investor, and inspirational leader.

Nick shares his humble beginnings at Circuit City, how Gary Vaynerchuk inspired his mentorship program, MentorMind, and how founders can build a brand around trust, energy, and emotional value.

Topics discussed:

  • Nick and his first Startup
  • Human Behavior and its role in Sales and Marketing
  • Nick shares his best practices in Selling
  • Nick discusses the steps in fueling StartUp Teams
  • Importance of Communication in the Consultative Process
  • The Trust Equation of Stephen Covey
  • Nick’s Gift of Intuitive Knowing
  • Inspiration from Gary Vaynerchuk
  • Nick talks about the Belief System that makes things happen
  • Compassionate Curiosity
  • Creation of MentorMind


Since his early twenties, Nick has “the best kept secret” behind Fortune 500 executive personalities and decision-makers of multi-billion dollar brands like Microsoft, Paychex and Pandora.

Today, he turns today’s top talent into legacy entrepreneurs by leveraging their personal brand to dominate the “attention currency” of their audience.

You’ll find him featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, and Gary Vaynerchuk’s blog.