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Ask An Investor - Supporters Fund powered by OPN
EP. 107 - Olga Duka, GP at Improve Ventures

(JP) Jeffery speaks with Olga Duka, GP at Improve Ventures, on how she makes a relevant impact on the investing world.

The guest of today shared her story of moving all over Europe, Asia, and America while starting her career straight after university. Having grown up with her parents urging her to expand her talents and interests, she is obsessed with developing early-stage talent. In this episode, Olga shares how she has succeeded in early-stage financing in emerging markets across almost 50 countries.

Topics discussed:

  • Olga’s educational and career background
  • Olga’s passion for early stage talents
  • Lessons learned from being a trader of successful scalable businesses
  • Olga as a founder
  • Lessons learned as a founder
  • Strategies used by Olga to build the Deal Flow up.
  • The Importance of Community
  • Tips when Investing in Early Stage Talents
  • Success story of a founder that Olga had worked with