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Ask An Investor - Supporters Fund powered by OPN
Ep. 106 - Jan Christopher, Founding Managing Partner @ Holt Accelerator

In this episode, Jeffery Potvin dives into the world of one of Fintech’s finest, Jan Christopher, Founding Managing Partner of Holt Accelerator.
Christopher shares the story of how he started out as another finance guy straight from university to establishing the Canadian Fintech sector, and now helping and giving back to the world as an angel investor.

This is another episode loaded with valuable insights that will definitely help and inspire the startup community.
Topics discussed:

  • Jan’s finance educational background and career history
  • Jan’s expertise from his experience with
  • Shareholder versus Stakeholder
  • The Technical Founder
  • Jan talks about scaling
  • Jan differentiates CEO, CTO and CFO
  • Structuring a business
  • Success story of a founder that Jan had worked with


Jan is a fintech evangelist, passionate about improving society through finance and technology. He is Managing Partner & cofounder of Holt Accelerator that has currently invested in 20 early stage Canadian and International fintechs, in which those portfolio companies solve our society’s most pressing and emergent issues. Previously, he founded Fintech Cadence, a non-profit that has trained thousands of individuals in fintech, resulting in the creation of +100 fintech projects.

Prior to this, he was Head of Finance at, helping it from incorporation to Series A, as well as Head of Finance at District 3, helping 20 early stage teams raise more than $15 million. He began his career as a Consultant for billion dollar investment banking projects in the space satellite sector. He holds an MBA from HEC, a finance degree from Ottawa University, passed II levels of the CFA, and was awarded Montreal Ambassador of the year (2018) from the Montreal Startup Awards.