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Ask An Investor - Supporters Fund powered by OPN
Ep. 105 - Sheehan Burns, Portfolio Manager – Tactex Asset Management

Talk Takeaways

(JP) Jeffery Potvin takes on an interesting leader and Angel Investor in the person of the Portfolio Manager of Tactex Asset Management, Sheehan Burns.

Sheehan gave a comprehensive overview of his background, from school to all he has accomplished as an investor. He talked about his law degree and his first career as a Corporate Governance Research Analyst at Glass Lewis. Sheehan also discussed what he learned from his vast legal and entrepreneurial experience in terms of risk assessment, red and green flags to watch out for, liquidation procedures, trends in the market, and many other topics related to legal and entrepreneurship.

It’s a great episode for aspiring entrepreneurs to learn a lot from.

Topics discussed:

  • Sheehan’s educational and employment background
  • Sheehan’s perspective on risk assessment
  • Building a board for Early Stage Companies
  • Liquidation Period
  • Sheehan’s Best Practices with Liquidation based on his experience
  • Trends in the market, including Impact Investing
  • Success story of a founder that Sheehan had worked with


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