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Ask an Angel Supporters Fund powered by OPN
Ep. 104 - Jonah Midanik, VC, MD @Forum (fka Acceleprise) | Founder, Chair @Limelight

For this week’s episode, (JP) Jeffery Potvin speaks with the impressive Jonah Midanik, Managing Director and GP for Forum Ventures. Jeffery asked about his humble beginnings, his interesting CV, and how he has grown in the VC world.

Jeffery explored the lessons Jonah learned in his journey as a young entrepreneur up to the point of becoming an Angel Investor with high hopes for new aspiring founders in the space. This episode will be helpful for listeners who plan into entering the space as it is packed with different lessons shared in the context of Jonah’s experiences as an entrepreneur as well.

Topics discussed:

  • Jonah’s personal, educational and employment background leading up to his success today.
  • Discussed two of Jonah’s successful endeavors, PokerStars and Limelight Platforms.
  • Jonah’s determination to take risks in business
  • Jonah’s 4R Market Fit
  • Importance of a background in entrepreneurship
  • Reason why Jonah went into esports
  • How Jonah handles competition in the entrepreneurial space
  • The impact of an area’s regulations in the operations of a business
  • Importance of finding the right talent for a job
  • How Jonah builds a team of founders as a VCU at early stage with Training and Up Training
  • Changes in the VC environment
  • Success story of a founder that Jonah had worked with


An engineer by trade, Serial Entreprenuer by choice, I support Founders on their journey to building world class companies out of Canada – while occasionally still founding companies of my own.