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Ask An Investor - Supporters Fund powered by OPN
Ep. 05 Jess Joss - President, Equation Angels

Jess Joss is the CEO of Equation, a joint venture that brings together three angel investment networks, Co-founder of Insiteful Solutions, and Partner in Spyder Capital Corporation. Leveraging more than 20 years of business leadership, entrepreneurial expertise and investment experience, she played a pivotal role in the realization of Equation, and its impactful investment collaboration.

Jeffery talks with Jess Joss on her very entrepreneurial childhood and how this has help her become the entrepreneur and mother that she is today. She definitely believes that entrepreneurs need to have mentors. Ideally more than one since the cross-pollination of ideas is something that is really important and could potentially revolutionize the industry you are in.

As an angel investor, Jess looks into the team’s tenacity and the product’s market positioning before she commits on making an investment. On a pitch, while a product demo is great, she wants to hear more on the business plan and the business’ roadmap. This shows the entrepreneur’s foresight as well as the due diligence that was performed.

Jess finds that in both the entrepreneurial and investing world, at the end of the day, it comes down to your integrity and the relationships that you build. You need to be true to what you say you’re going to do and actually follow through. Aim to work together to collaborate and treat each other fairly.