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Entrepreneur, operator, fractional executive in 10+ industries across 3 continents with an institutional asset management background. Experience in talent development, alternative investments (early stage), aquisitions, edtech, hrtech, fintech, arts and creative Industries, deeptech, legaltech, proptech, big data.

Olga Duka | GP at Improve Ventures

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Olga podcast

Olga podcast

Olga podcast

Olga podcast

Real experiences with mentor

A humble person who really gave very uncommon pointers (compared to mentor sessions so far). She has a very different journey & experience and the way she naturally shared insights connecting dots (my journey) is incredible.

Harit Kothari, Tech, TarkIQ
Olga is not your typical Design mentor, and that is a great thing. I had a broad-ranging conversation with her, she was knowledgeable, kind and very generous with her time. I would definitely recommend booking a session with her, specially if you are looking for advice and a fresh perspective. Thank you Olga!
Dave Zamora, Product Designer, otter.ai
Olga was an amazing person to talk to. She was very helpful. Glad to have started my first mentoring session with her. All of my questions were answered and I have made progress in my career because of her advice!
Vivek Udaykumar, Program Management Intern, The Startupreneur

Olga is the kind of mentor you dream of. She’s wildly intelligent, witty, authentic, and articulate. She has both breadth and depth of industry knowledge; intricately knowing each piece and yet, knows how it all holistically works together. She’s a rare gem who shares authentic insights, actionable tips, and even a toolkit. If you want to “level up” in your career, you’ve come to the right place.

Annabel Ruddle, Senior Product Designer, Freelance
Great conversation with lots of interesting insights into the world of building a VC firm. Olga has an impressive resume and was able to speak on many many different topics! Was able to provide some actionable links at the end which was doubly helpful. Thanks again Olga!!
Matt Templeton, Advisor, Playlabs
Olga is one of those rare individuals that helps you think out of the box. The conversation flowed easily from subject matter to tangents and somehow always stayed on topic. It was an inspiring conversation that left me energized and excited, anticipating our next meeting wondering what would be the next thing I would learn.
Raam Roch-Hai , CEO, Regesh
It was great talking to Olga. She has deep knowledge in multiple domains which helps in getting a broader perspective to your concern. Highly recommended.
Raam P, Strategic Design Management, National Institite of Design

Gives a ton useful suggestions!!!!! Definitely help me with interview preparation!

Ellen Liu, Student, Duke

What I really liked about Olga is that she gave me practical advice on how I could start researching about potential next steps in my career.

Joudy Loo, Product Owner, Zortify

Olga is amazing, she gave me many practical tips to face my research challenge and allowed me to understand the best way to work with my team.

Camila garcia, Estudiante, Laboratoria

It was insightful and inspiring to hear Olga’s experience. She shared her strategic process and how she has been able to accomplish her goals and engage in the things that bring her joy. She shared how she assesses risk and takes reasonable action in building her ideas – It was valuable for me to hear! Thank you, Olga!

Lisa Ortlip, Freelance Brand Designer


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